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Schweizerbart/Borntraeger Science Publishers

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Acerca de nosotros

Schweizerbart and its affiliate company Gebr. Borntraeger publish and distribute printed and electronic scholarly journals, book series and monographs. We are privately owned and operated by scientists, independent we do provide all services related to publishing and marketing scientific content worldwide in print and electronic form.

Schweizerbart Science Publishers was founded by Emanuel Schweizerbart in 1826 as a publishing house with an emphasis on historical works. Shortly after its foundation, the program changed and Schweizerbart concentrated on publishing scholarly journals and books in the sciences, mainly Earth and environmental sciences, aquatic ecology, anthropology, medicine, zoology.

Gebr. Borntraeger publishers were founded in 1790. It has an active program in the Earth and environmental sciences.


Schweizerbart/Borntraeger Science Publishers
Johannesstr. 3A
70176 Stuttgart

Teléfono:  +49 711 3514560

Productos y servicios

Wolfgang Kramer: The genus Syntrichia Brid. (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) in the Holarctic with special consideration of North America. Small marine Achnanthales (Bacillariophyceae) from coral reefs off Polynesia (South Pacific)
Specificities and biogeography. The Journey of Modern Humans from Africa to Europe Culture-Environmental Interaction and Mobility.

Dietrich Roeder: American and Tethyan Inventories: Cross sections of Fold-Thrust Belts. Hoppenrath, Mona; Chomerat, Nicolas; Horiguchi, Takeo; Murray, Shauna A.; Rhodes, Lesley: Marine benthic dinoflagellates - their relevance for science and society, 2. revised edition. Claudia Hemp: A Field Guide to the Bushcrickets, Wetas and Raspy Crickets of Tanzania and Kenya.

Field Measurement Methods in Soil Science. Meteorologischer Kalender 2024

Meteorological Calendar: Optische Phänomene der Atmosphäre - Atmospheric optical phenomena.

The Journey of Modern Humans from Africa to Europe Culture-Environmental Interaction and Mobility

The authors shed new light on the time frame and pathways followed by Homo sapiens on its journey from Africa to Europe and provides new insights into the intricate interplay of culture and environment during the past 200,000 years. The book is a compilation of the key results of a multidisciplinary research project (CRC 806, funded by the German Research Foundation DFG) which studied the dispersal of anatomical modern humans from Africa to Europe.
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The Journey of Modern Humans from Africa to Europe

Marine benthic dinoflagellates - their relevance for science and society, 2nd ed.

Dinoflagellates are important primary producers, symbionts and, at the same time, heterotrophic consumers and parasites. The species composition in benthic habitats is quite distinct from planktonic habitats. This book is a fundamental contribution to improving the monitoring of benthic dinoflagellates worldwide: 242 species in 63 genera are presented, illustrated with more than 240 color images, about 250 electron micrographs and more than 330 drawings.
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